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Making January Kinder

January is a tough month, Christmas spending has us all tightening our purse strings, the cold weather and short days can make us feel like we want to curl up in a duvet and shut the curtains until Spring time. Rather than a month of gloom, we’d like to turn January into the month of rest and appreciation.


Being Kind to You

Being kind to ourselves can seem impossible sometimes, but is essential in keeping a healthy mind and body. Our relationship with ourselves affects all areas of our lives including our relationships with others. The journey to self acceptance isn’t an easy one, and needs to be taken slowly with patience and compassion.


5 Ways to Beat Stress

Most people will experience some level of stress in their lifetime. In small bursts, stress can motivate us to complete tasks and face problems, but in excess it can be extremely damaging to a persons mental and physical health. It can lead to coping mechanisms such as alcoholism and addiction, and can put significant strain on an individuals relationships and personal life. It can be overwhelming trying to deal with it on your own, and daunting to reach out for help, so we’ve put together a list of tips to combat stress that we hope you find helpful.